Dorthea Rockburne Interview

I was introduced to Rockburne’s work in my sophomore year of college and have been interested in her ever since. Today, I came across this interview I had not seen before and thought it was worth sharing.

Rockburne’s fascination with science and mathematics is what drives her work.  Conceptually, I find her work really interesting even though I don’t have the same fascination with mathematical systems. Like many, I have had a horrible time with mathematics (sticking only to the basics whenever possible) so it seems odd that I would be interested in her work. My mentor, Julie Abijanac gave me an article about Rockburne’s work that made the wheels start turning about my own. It seems I find myself liking  artists that have a very complex system to their work. My work is the opposite and I’m not sure where it’s headed. So, I guess that is what sparks my interest in these artists. . .

Shifting gears. . .

The interviewer asks a question, “Is it possible to depict the relationship of space to time?” (Starts at 4:12) Rockburne seems to give a somewhat vague answer because I feel that it is a very difficult question to answer. Rockburne ended the answer with, “How can  you put time into a painting?”   Deep thoughts. . . I watched this clip a few times and I’m still not sure I understand it completely but I think that it raises some interesting questions and kind of touches on some of the topics that we’ve been discussing in Art Theory & Criticism.

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