A tribute. Proceed if you have the time to read a tribute to a broken machine.

My sewing machine was a gift when I was 16. It had a long life of traveling, living in closets, shelves and on the floor. It was used to make pillows and ugly bags out of old clothing that I would carry crap in from one place to the next. It hadn’t been used for years but I knew that I would use it one day. I brought it to my studio when I moved in before the first week of class where it collected dust for the first semester. This semester, it was time for it to live.

I loved that I could control the stitching however, sometimes the machine didn’t understand what I was trying to make it do and would lash out at me through jumbled bobbin thread. I started figuring out how I could control the “mistakes” that were happening and make them on purpose. I put my machine through a lot for the first part of the semester.

It broke over spring break. I took it to a sewing machine shop. The owner was extremely nice and looked at it for free and determined it was a bearing problem with the motor. He said I should just replace it because the parts were expensive.

So, I took it home and now it’s sitting on the floor again. I’m trying to find the proper place for it’s final resting place. Until then, I am on the hunt for a more heavy duty machine that might be more appropriate for what I’m doing. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Although this has been an exploration I feel that it will continue in my work for a long time. So it’s time to upgrade. So long old sewing machine, thanks for the inspiration.

Sewing Machine that has no name.

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