Influential artists this semester:

  • Christopher Wool
    I found his use of different mediums and interest in visual language really compelling, especially in a particular show depicted in this video.
  • I’m in love with this artist who is a painter that I recently found named Iva Gueoruieva.
    I found her looking for environmental artists who have recently expressed the controversial topic of hydraulic fracturing in there work (click here). Through the Internet I found a wonderful world of her paintings.
  • Ann Hamilton
    Her use of the, “threaded line” and also her massive public installations are fascinating. I listened to her most recent recording on several times this semester. Much to learn from listening to Hamilton speak about her work.
  • Wade Guyton’s use of technology to create his paintings (video link).
  • Bovey Lee’s cut paper works are wonderful. I was really drawn to the content of the artists work. Use of the medium alongside Lee’s artist statement (here) is really inspiring. If you want to look at more of the work click here.
  • Chris Jordan
    Also, the environmental concerns in Jordan’s work is what I’m interested in. Jordan’s work is loud and in the viewers face expressing different issues that face society today. Artist’s website here.
  • Bill Atkinson’s “Within the Stone” –Photography Book I actually have not checked out this book but have been looking at many of the images online as reference photographs. This reference is probably just my fascination with the micro elements that he depicts in his photographs. If I only had the equipment and time to explore macro photography. One day.
  • Last but not least this artist is quite peculiar.

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