It’s nice to meet you.

(This post is a roller coaster of words.)

Sometimes the thing you are looking for is all around and you choose to ignore it because of this or that. Or something else. Environmental issue’s, political issues, personal issues…. are very touchy subjects.

My work has always been a form a meditation, a way to respond to the world. I’ve always thought of my work as a response rather than saying something. I am drawn to work that is quiet but that whispers something else.

I think most of us could say this in one way or another about our work however; my work lacks any form of content. The line strips everything else away. By repeating over and over the same line gestures there is nothing left. At least this is the way I view it. Yea, I’m interested in the natural world, biological systems, etc… but that is still stripping a lot of content away. There is not much to talk about after that is said.

Throughout my entire college career I’ve always been academically focused. I always put my artwork second. Focusing primarily on my artwork here at CCAD has been wonderfully stressful.

I like to know what’s going on in the world and then there usually comes a point where it starts to become overbearing and I shut everything off and make something.

Susan Li O’Connor (my mentor) has encouraged me every step of the way to explore different formalistic concerns in my work. By acknowledging I have some things to figure out but leaving that door open for exploration has been the best thing for me this semester. With the end of the semester looming near it is very stressful but having the freedom to really just figure things out about myself has been the key to understanding what my work is about. I realized in our meeting this week I was ignoring some of these things I care about. I didn’t want to talk about this issue or that in my work in fear of it becoming too hippy-ish or cliché. Or I just didn’t know how to express it in the work.


I’ve been following the on going saga of hydraulic fracturing in Ohio since 2011 when it started to become a large issue. What I realized over the past week is that I’m really interested in the idea that everything is contaminated. The environment, our bodies, everything around us is effected by some kind of pollution; literal pollution, meaning the carcinogens we sometimes breathe & consume and also the verbal pollution that we speak, hear or receive. Everything is broken. Also, this idea that we capture a moment by taking an image of something we consider beautiful or whatever and try to reproduce it by printing or digitally sharing it online becomes a deconstruction. Concerning the images I’ve been taking of natural systems, they seem pure and untouched. By sharing, printing & sewing on them I’m contaminating the images. This is where I’m at this point. I’m tired of trying to hurry up and figure things out because of this notion that we should have everything figured out. It’s taken me two semesters to get to this point. And I’m happy with that.


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