The end of the 2nd semester and final critique!

My work this semester has taken many different paths. Experimenting with new methods of mark making, the sewing machine, and materials, and attempting to bring dimensionality to my work has had many failures and a few triumphs. I tried to push myself as far as I could with this short amount of time. Hopefully I was successful in that. Of course there is always room to grow but I feel I did a decent job of trying to step out of my comfort zone.

Referencing natural systems has influenced my work tremendously throughout my process. My research the last few weeks of the semester has dived into the realm of environmental concerns. I see my thesis work being environmentally centered. At least this is a starting point for my research over the summer.

Listening to Jame Gleick’s Book, “Chaos: Making a New Science” has been a huge influence this semester. Thinking about the micro and the macro in so many areas of life it creates a structure but can leave the door open for many different interpretations. Even though I might not fully understand all of the science, the concepts at large speak through the language of the book.

“…[to] Physicists, chaos is a science of process, rather than state, of becoming rather than being. Now that science is looking, chaos seems to be everywhere.”
–James Glieck “Chaos. Making a New Science

SO… end of the semester stuff:
I will be showing two pieces at the end of semester critique. One is a piece that I am working on until the date of install. It is constructed with small components to create a larger piece. The other is a print constructed in the same way. I am considering mounting the print to masonite or other structure if time allows. If not for the end of the semester, I will do this over the summer. I thought that I would post my rough draft of an artist statement for the first piece to get feedback to see if my ideas are coming through and what I could do better.

My rough draft artist statement:

This piece is a cultivation of experimentation and ideas. Using a machine that is typically used to mend and repair I am depicting a fractured and broken system in an abstract form. The sewn lines can reference many systems found in nature from river systems, tree branches to fractures and seismic waves. The direct reference to river systems and fractures is a response to many different events happening currently in our environment from hydraulic fracturing to chemical spills.

I am interested in giving voice to these systems and relating them to concerns with the environment and our impact on these systems. By utilizing the frenzied lines I am depicting a confusion of cracks and breaks on the surface of this translucent paper. The layer beneath is even more chaotic and fractured which represents the damage that lies just beneath the surface of these systems and the areas that we cannot see.

Representing ideas of contamination as well as the broken environment; we have created a world very different from what it was. Although the surface seems structured the act of sewing on this material is breaking the paper apart. The only thing that is holding it together is the threaded line of the system.


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  1. Wow, Kim! So beautifully and eloquently stayed–both sets of writing. I love the concept represented in your artist statement. Sounds like a winner. Can’t wait to see how the critique goes; bet it will be good! What is the date for the first year show? xoxoxo

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  2. Your thinking and writing is continuing to grow and develop. Good to see your focus in your work is becoming clarified in your statement. I see a very different way of thinking about your work in less than a year’s tome. Can’t wait to see what happens next year. Sorry I will miss your show this time. Best of luck.

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