Update. Stuff.

Critique today. Besides the set backs I think I’m making some progress. I have a temporary sewing machine that I picked up over the weekend. His name is LeRoy. I’m looking to purchase another machine soon, one that’s heavy duty. So I’ve been researching those trying to find one that will work… As far as my work goes I’m still working on some of the same things I showed at the last critique but I will be showing sketches of pieces I plan to work on the rest of the semester. Lots to do and figure out. One of those pieces is something that is illuminated from behind. For the sake of the end of the semester looming near I am using the window on the second floor studios. It is about half finished and I’m looking forward to getting feedback on it from todays critique. I’m also working on another series of vellum photographic prints of natural and man-made systems. . . .and a burnt paper series (continuing to push the mark making process). So many things going on and to talk about.

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