A Review of Dalong Yang’s Photography Work.

Photograph by Dalong Yang

Dalong Yang is a photographer currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Columbus College of Art and Design. Yang’s studio is overflowing with prints, rolls of paper, and various items. I am always curious when I walk by and I get caught up in the gaze of his subjects as well as the surrealistic and brightly colored compositions. The leading eyes of his models often feel like they are in a dramatic futuristic plot that is about to unfold. Almost as if these images were taken from stills of a larger story, and without knowing this narrative I’m left with my own wonder and imagination to fill in the rest.

Photograph by Dalong Yang

Dalong’s work has commercial characteristics however, there is more to it than this. From what I have observed through critiques and various other presentations, his creative outlook is to tell a story in his photographs, something more than what is typically expected. Often times he leaves the viewer with just a hint of information that leads them into these surreal and dreamlike images. By using elements of fashion and surrealistic spaces Yang creates photographs that have a haunting and dreamlike feel.

Photograph by Dalong Yang

In his most recent work, a supernatural occurrence Dalong experienced at a younger age plays an influential role in his photographs. Now he is pulling from those memories for inspiration. By acknowledging that maybe, we are not alone in this world he is finding a way to think about his experience differently. Spirits, a presence, ghosts, and the otherworldly—many of us might have had an experience with something that feels like a presence, or have seen something unexplainable. Dalong is pulling from his own experience as well as classic scary movies to create new stories that might leave the viewer with a more unsettling feeling after viewing his work. I find this new work exciting! After seeing his work for over a year now, I could see this new inspiration for his photography becoming a lifetime endeavor for him.

I see Dalong not just as an artist and photographer, but also as a storyteller. There is something more here than fashion and commercial photography, and I always look forward to seeing what he has to share with us next. To see more of his work and to learn more about him please visit his website: dalong-yang.squarespace.com

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