Light tests for wall installation. And Updates.

More light tests!

Trying to post more of this . . . process. Lot’s of things to keep track of.

Duncan Snyder has been very helpful thinking through some of the lighting options I have, and how to achieve the results that I want. I have made several trips to Panic Lighting and will be going again soon. The first few trips I made basically ended in a lot of questions. Now I have two of the light fixtures from the gallery that I will be taking with me to see what kind of Pin Spot bulbs I can try. These images are the tests with the Limelite Duncan let me borrow.



Right now, all of the pieces of this installation project are laying on the table and I’m slowing piecing it all together. I am exhausted, as is everyone else. So many things to keep track of and still to figure out. It will be worth it in the end but I do need some help. As of now, a lot of details are to be fleshed out and I need to get everyone on the same page about what I am doing. I will be posting all of this information in the next days. . .

Light tests for wall piece

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