More lighting tests. . .

I have almost found the type of lightbulb that will work however, the fixtures are proving to be tricky, you will see why at the bottom. I think I need to utilize the track lights instead of trying to install lighting somehow because the room has a ceiling unlike in the rest of the gallery. This is actually a challenge, you will see why. . . I need to find out if we have any MR16 fixtures laying around here somewhere. . .  They come in all shapes and sizes, some with barn doors, adjustable zooms (to create more of a spot or more flood light). Let’s hope I can get lighting figured out this week!! It’s taken forever to get this far and I still don’t have the fixtures and I still need to try lower wattage!!

What I’ve tested: 

I bought this fixture as a test, it’s for a M16 size bulb. The fixture in the background  is the standard fixture that we have in the studios (Par 30 size bulb). Currently, there are no M16 fixtures in the studio tracks. It’s not common I guess. That’s probably why I like it, making things more difficult! Why do I do this? (To make things that’s why.)
This is a 50 watt bulb, and I think its around a 15 degree spot. The box is questionable, because it doesn’t say for sure about the angle, or maybe I was to tired to look hard enough. Anyways, It creates a beautiful soft spot light and the shadows are great but I need to try a lower wattage in the actual room.
Close up of the fixture. The back is uncovered… this creates problems in the PROJECT ROOM. . . Keep scrolling. . .
This is a 50watt bulb, it’s to bright in the room. I’ve found a 20watt, but haven’t tested it yet. Beautiful shadows on the wall, some crazy spectrum of lights on the ceiling. So I need to use a fixture that is enclosed, unless I want a sun flare, strange starburst shape all over the ceiling. I kind of like it.
MR16 Fixture attached to other track pointed to other side of room. Diluted, but the light is still bright. 20 watt bulb test will be next.

All for now.

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