The installation project & shadow tests.

This project is a space for contemplation. It’s an entire space, not just a wall piece. Dividers, walls or open space? Throughout the past two months I have grown accustomed to having walls. I have been thinking very hard about this and determined walls were the answer. I was unaware that the current walls in the gallery were being removed for another show. So that opened up the possibility of creating dividers in a different form. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I am working through this now. More test shots of that soon. As from the start, shadows are also very important. So, Here is my shadow test in the space.

What I want the piece to be:

This work is quiet, it needs a quiet space. While there is still space to move around, there is a suggested path. I want to slow down the viewer as they enter the space. I want to create a path, a journey they have to encounter. It pushes the viewer up to these objects that crave their attention. I want them to get close and I want them to travel. Often we enter spaces that are open; I want there to be division and then a “reveal” of the wall piece. Along this path the passerby will encounter a few illuminated pieces as well as shadows.

Why these shadows are important. These shadows are reminiscent of the landscape. Forms that you would see on a walk, on the ground, etc. However, these shadows are in a small cramped space, almost to mimic what once was but something we can never get back to. They are being replicated, but they are in a state that can only be mimicked.

What I want to happen (somehow):

Shadows on the wall before you walk in and as you move through the room.

THESE SHADOWS MUST HAPPEN. It relates so much back to my research and I would feel this installation would be lacking if they didn’t exist. How they are projected is completely up for debate.
Here is a quick test I did on Monday. These are lightly attached to the ceiling.
The shadows. They need to happen.
Subtle enough that it works.
Another image from the angle of first entering the room. What this might look like. This will all depend on the light intensity (how hot it is and how close they can be).
Maquette of the gallery. This was when I thought walls would be the answer. Now I am thinking along the lines of fabric. This is on my #1 to do list. More tests soon. However,  it might go away completely.

IMG_3842 IMG_3859

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