What is left to say? A lot!

The show is up and I’m still processing everything, especially the install. Honestly, I will be processing what happened last week for the next month and longer. Photo’s should be up by the end of the month.

Here is a not so good cell phone shot of one of my favorite shadows that happen in the piece.


Working in this scale and with so many people was exciting, exhausting, and I learned so much through this entire process. It was invaluable.

I fell in love with installation work as an undergrad student. Ever since then no matter how hard I try to make work that is something concrete, something considered traditional, somehow it morphs into an ephemeral constructed piece, starting small and continues to grow. Some lasting as objects but mostly the work will be taken down and changed.

Scott (my husband) took off a few days from work to help with my install, his partner at work who is a great person (and witty), told him maybe next time make it easier on myself by making a painting, or a drawing! (I think what influenced him to say this was that I was keeping Scott from work but still. . .) I thought this was hilarious considering but it made me think about my practice. He has a good point, but that’s not what I do. I love making photographs and drawings however I’m always pulled to do something else. This is not a comfortable practice for sure. It’s risky but I am not the biggest risk taker, that’s not what I’m saying. I do not always know how things will always work out until literally the last moment. I also did not know if it would all come together until it was up and I walked into the space and seen strangers looking at my work.

It’s funny how so much changes when work enters and lives in a space. This is true for everyones work for sure, however, I had a pit in my stomach when I was carrying my plastic container full of leaves wondering if this installation would be what I was hoping it would be. The fear of failure is always there. Driving us all to make the choices we do in our work.

I am looking forward to my final critique tomorrow. How can it be April already? What’s next? Where do I go now? I have plans on renting a studio in Columbus for the next year, until my husband and I get a larger space and I can have a studio at home. I want to stay connected and continue on a few other pieces that I’ve been wanting to work on.

The aftermath of the tornado named “Thesis” that went through the studios.


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