Dorthea Rockburne Interview

I was introduced to Rockburne’s work in my sophomore year of college and have been interested in her ever since. Today, I came across this interview I had not seen before and thought it was worth sharing.

Rockburne’s fascination with science and mathematics is what drives her work.  Conceptually, I find her work really interesting even though I don’t have the same fascination with mathematical systems. Like many, I have had a horrible time with mathematics (sticking only to the basics whenever possible) so it seems odd that I would be interested in her work. My mentor, Julie Abijanac gave me an article about Rockburne’s work that made the wheels start turning about my own. It seems I find myself liking  artists that have a very complex system to their work. My work is the opposite and I’m not sure where it’s headed. So, I guess that is what sparks my interest in these artists. . .

Shifting gears. . .

The interviewer asks a question, “Is it possible to depict the relationship of space to time?” (Starts at 4:12) Rockburne seems to give a somewhat vague answer because I feel that it is a very difficult question to answer. Rockburne ended the answer with, “How can  you put time into a painting?”   Deep thoughts. . . I watched this clip a few times and I’m still not sure I understand it completely but I think that it raises some interesting questions and kind of touches on some of the topics that we’ve been discussing in Art Theory & Criticism.

(I will probably add to this post later)

Goals, bio & drawings.

Hello, as of September, 2013 I am a first year graduate student in the MFA program at Columbus College of Art and Design. I’m currently in the planning stages of my first project for the semester.

Primarily, I have been working as a portrait photographer for the past year and a half photographing families, children and events. So I’m looking forward to getting back into making artwork for reasons that’s outside of a client based relationship. However, I am continuing to do portrait work part-time as I work on my projects (I just photographed a family yesterday). So, I will be balancing a client based relationship alongside of my personal artistic endeavors. Which In the past, many times, I’ve had to put my own artistic goals aside. (I’m sure all of us has experienced this at some point, at a certain level.) So, I’m glad to finally put them first.

On the technical side of things, one goal that I would like to explore while here at CCAD is to use photography, installation and other mixed media into my work. (Not sure yet how I will do this and in what context but it’s something that I would like to at least try, and fail at—if nothing else!) I’m interested in the use of layers to convey a sense of space so I’m sure that will come into play.

Also, just want to put this out there, grammar is not a close friend of mine, we’ve accepted our relationship so if you see a horrible spelling or grammar mistake, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, mehh, We are all human, right?